The beginning

Are you tired of all the gloom and doom that is going around the media about the end of the world? We believe that a warning is good but fear, more often than not, paralyzes people into inaction. We were in the same boat not too long ago, when during our travels in asia, we came across multiple ingenious ways that folks had come up to solve our dependence on plastic and other pollutants (The whole list is worth a large book).

These insights got us questioning and thinking about how everyday joes like us could impact this world and help prevent the looming apocalypse. We found two interesting tit bits, one was that you didn’t have to be perfect in your sustainability measures and every small change helps. We also identified that the biggest impact area, were we could help, was with small businesses wanting to make a change.

We have spent over an year in testing and identifying the products that we wanted to start with – Our whole basement is filled with sample materials from around the globe! The two biggest challenges (As in all cases) were quality and logistics. We believe that we have finally found products that we can stand behind and the right kind of logistics with the right partners in place.

The paper straws and palm leaf plates are just the beginning of our journey, call it our First Step! We are excited about this journey and hope to be impacted as we impact you in all that you do.

Reeden is our attempt at helping organisations (both small and large) and individual make small changes that can help move the needle on climate change.

Our vision

Our guiding vision at Reeden are the following three pillars.

Ecologically sustainable

From the raw material sourcing to the end user delivery, we want to make sure that we do it all in the most sustainable manner. Have you seen paper straws being sold in plastic bags? We refuse to take those short cuts. We are not perfect yet but we strive to improve, since without this principal we would just be hypocrites.

Socially Responsible

We want to impact the community that we are with, whether it is at the source, the manufacturing locations or at the customer locations. We want to impact not only our employees, partners and customers but also the broader local community since without all of them we will not be successful.

Economically viable

We strive to connect the utopian dreams to the reality of our economy. This is why we will strive to make sure that our quality does not come at an insurmountable cost to you all.

We are constantly trying to find solutions that are aligned with are three strategic visions. This also helps us to say no to quick fads and rather focus on long term change and value.