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At Zelah, we are committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that make a positive impact on our planet. We are thrilled to share two significant achievements that showcase our dedication to sustainability: our Zelah palm leaf products have been certified as ISO compostable and are PFAs (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) free! These certifications not only validate our commitment to environmental responsi

bility but also offer you peace of mind as you make conscious choices for a greener future.

ISO Certified Compostable:
We are proud to announce that our palm leaf products have obtained the ISO compostable certification. This recognition reinforces the fact that our products are not only made from renewable resources but also biodegrade naturally, leaving behind no harmful residues. By choosing Zelah palm leaf products, you are contributing to a circular economy and reducing your carbon footprint. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future, one plate at a time!

PFAs Free Certification:
In our continuous pursuit of providing safe and healthy alternatives, we are delighted to inform you that Zelah palm leaf products are now PFAs free certified. PFAs are a group of chemicals found in various consumer products that can have adverse effects on human health and the environment. Our commitment to your well-being led us to ensure that our products are completely free from these harmful substances. You can trust that when you choose Zelah, you are choosing products that prioritize your health and the planet’s health simultaneously.

The Benefits of Zelah Palm Leaf Products:
1. Sustainable Sourcing: Our palm leaf products are crafted from fallen Areca palm leaves, ensuring that no trees are cut down in the process. This sustainable sourcing preserves the natural ecosystem while providing you with elegant and eco-friendly alternatives.

2. Biodegradable and Compostable: With the ISO compostable certification, our palm leaf products can be safely composted, returning valuable nutrients back to the earth. They break down naturally, leaving no harmful residues and minimizing waste.

3. Durability and Versatility: Despite their natural and delicate appearance, Zelah palm leaf products are robust, capable of holding both hot and cold food without any leakage or compromise. They are perfect for various occasions, including parties, weddings, picnics, and more.

4. Chemical-Free and Safe: Our commitment to your health means that our palm leaf products are free from PFAs and other harmful chemicals. You can enjoy your meals without worrying about any potential health risks associated with traditional disposable dinnerware.

5. Stylish and Elegant: Each piece of our palm leaf products is uniquely textured, adding a touch of rustic charm and sophistication to your table settings. Your guests will be impressed by the combination of sustainability and aesthetic appeal.

Join us on the Sustainable Journey:
With our ISO compostable and PFAs free certifications, Zelah is taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future. By choosing our palm leaf products, you are joining us in reducing plastic waste, protecting our environment, and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Explore our wide range of palm leaf products on our website [insert website link] and incorporate sustainability into your everyday life. Let’s celebrate these milestones together and make a positive impact on our planet, one sustainable choice at a time.

Remember, every small step matters in the larger picture of creating a greener and healthier world. Choose Zelah, choose sustainability!

Steffi David