Published On: 01/08/2020190 words1 min read

Wish you all a happy New Year. As we enter into a new decade, we are thankful to our supporters and customers and optimistic about a renewed global push towards a sustainable future.

During this Holiday season, we took stock of how far we have come as a company and contemplated were we want to go through the new few years. We realised that one of our founding principles was to make Stewardship sustainable. Though it seems like a play on words, the thought was that everyone (small businesses, mom & pop stores, family restaurants, etc.) and not just the large corporations should have an economically viable green choice.

Towards this end, by streamlining our supply chain and reducing our margins, we have striven to reduce the variance between the wholesale and retail prices of our products. This is not a limited discount nor a sales gimmick. Since Integrity is in our DNA, we neither condone nor participate in false advertisement. Please visit our Paper straw and Palm Leaf store for the update prices.

One caveat of this change is that, we only offer free shipping on orders over 50$ now.